Rape Kit Action Project


“Justice matters. It matters to victims like me. It matters to the families of victims. It matters to the wrongfully accused. And it matters to constituents – male, female, young and old.” – Natasha Alexenko

Help us work for justice by championing legislation to inventory untested rape kits and establish a statewide policy on rape kit testing requirements. Ensuring testing of rape kits isn’t just good public policy, it also makes sound fiscal sense. Testing all reported sexual assaults and apprehending serial offenders results in a cost savings in the long run – some $12.9 billion, according to one study. All states need to provide victims of sexual violence with hope for justice.

Colorado, Illinois and Texas have already taken legislative action on this. We hope your state will be next.

The Rape Kit Action Project is ready to support you in this effort in 2014. We are proud to partner with RAINN, Joyful Heart Foundation and the National Center for Victims of Crime on these efforts.

For more information, call us at 571-494-1731 or email info@testallkits.org