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Editorial Reviews


“This inspirational memoir will be of interest to all who believe that the time’s up foraccepting sexual assault and any less than equal investigation and prosecution of cases.” Library Journal

“If you want to know what courage looks like, then meet Natasha Alexenko. This book—A Survivor’s Journey—is a stunning account of her personal voyage from victim to spokeswoman and advocate for all those who have not yet found their voices or their strength. It is the story of Natasha’s triumph over darkness in her quest for justice.” —Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author and former Special Victims’ Prosecutor

“Natasha Alexenko is a national hero. She has selflessly shared her horrific sexual assault experience and its aftermath that included the failure to test her sexual assault kit. By sharing her story, she has brought into focus, on a national level, the injustices that sexual assault survivors have experienced across this country. By creating Natasha’s Justice Project, Natasha has helped change the course of America by paving the path toward justice for survivors and safety for society. I’m proud to stand with Natasha Alexenko and ensure that all sexual assault kits are tested, that there will never be a backlog of untested kits and that survivors are empowered.” —Nancy O’Malley, Alameda County district attorney, Oakland, California

“This is compelling, well-written, and exactly the type of candor that makes Natasha Alexenko an incredible advocate.” —Rebecca O’Connor, vice president of public policy at RAINN, Washington, DC