About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Natasha’s Justice Project (NJP) is to eliminate the nation’s rape kit backlog crisis and empower survivors of sexual assault through education, advocacy, and funding.

NJP is working to expose the extent of the rape kit backlog while simultaneously educating the public and media, as well as government officials about the need for changes to state statutes of limitations.

Additionally, NJP grants funds to municipalities and researchers so they have the opportunity to help end the backlog in a timelier and more efficient manner. As an organization, NJP also offers travel grants to survivors of sexual assault, so that they may be present at the trial of their perpetrators(s).

Meet Natasha Alexenko, our founder and spokesperson

“I am living, breathing proof of the fact that we can find these criminals.

I am not, and should not be, an anomaly.”

Natasha Alexenko

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