Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate Hopes Penn State and Syracuse University Sexual Assault Cases Will Encourage Others to Report

West Sayville, NY – Natasha Alexenko, a sexual assault survivor and spokesperson for Natasha’s Justice Project is hopeful the event of sexual abuse that have come to light at Penn State University and Syracuse University will encourage more survivors to come forward and report their crimes. Ms. Alexenko reported her 1993 rape and testified in court, her perpetrator is currently imprisoned and will not be eligible for parole until 2057.

“Sexual assault is an underreported crime, often it is because of the survivor’s shame, guilt, or fear. The hope is that tragedies like those at Penn State and Syracuse will encourage others to come forward and seek justice,” said Alexenko.

Natasha Alexenko travels to colleges and universities across the United States to talk about her rape, which occurred in 1993 when she was a college student. She says she has been “seeing an increase in the dialogue surrounding this sensitive topic” on college campuses particularly after the Penn State University sexual assault scandal became public.

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